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Our Expert Dietitians Have More Than 13+ Years of Experience

Dr. Varsha Dahane started her weight loss and diet clinic in 2008 in Warud, Maharashtra and since then she has received and immersive response from the clients. This motivated her to open a new clinic in Nagpur in Ramdaspeth. After treating more than 8000+ patients, her experience and service has helped a lot and has been commended by all.

  • Dr.dahane weight loss clinicLet’s Make India Free from Obesity.
  • Dr.dahane weight loss clinicMedically Supervised Healthy Weightloss Clinic.
  • Dr.dahane weight loss clinicWeight Loss on Home cooked Food.

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Dr.dahane weight loss clinic

Our Services

Weight loss

This programme offers an opportunity for people who are obese, have some chronic illness like diabetes

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Weight gain

We have all heard of crazy tips and guides from people in order to gain weight. You could need a few kilos

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Special package for PCOS

PCOS/PCOD can be extremely daunting on ones hormones, and it takes a toll on the weight and overall

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Child Obesity

Weight loss is not a good approach for most young children, since their bodies are growing and developing.

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Healthy Diet Consultant

A lot of times we forget to take the important nutrition because we aren’t aware of all the nutrition

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Other Services

Breast Specialists Doctors, Other Diet Consultations, Slimming Centres

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What our customers says

Thousands of people get benefit


Total Health & Fitness Coach Experience 14 Years

6500 +

Weight Loss & Fitness Happy Customers

4000 +

Hormonal Imbalance (PCOS) & Infertility Happy Customers

1200 +

Weight Gain Fitness Happy Customers

1600 +

Metabolic Syndrome Happy Customers

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Importance of Iron Intake for Woman 2022-03-10
Importance of Iron Intake for Woman

Iron is a mineral that the body needs for growth and development. Iron is used by the blood to make haemoglobin whi.
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Progress Oriented Specialist 2022-03-22
Progress Oriented Specialist

Dr Varsha Ashish Dahane is a Dentist and Dietician by profession. Possessing high moral values and.
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Women's Must Follow Their Passion To Fulfill Dreams 2022-03-28
Women's Must Follow Their Passion To Fulfill Dreams

On the Occassion of International Women’s day. Dr. Varsha Dahane, Founder of Dahane's Diet Clinic shared her suc.
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How Lettuce helps For Weight Loss 2022-04-01
How Lettuce helps For Weight Loss


Lettuce can positively help you in detaching some seri.
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Is a Vegan Diet Healthy 2022-04-12
Is a Vegan Diet Healthy

Vegan Diet is categorised as a diet which includes consuming only plant founded foods and avoids all animal crops. The aim is to destroy .
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Best Diet During Summer To Keep Your Body Hydrated 2022-04-19
Best Diet During Summer To Keep Your Body Hydrated

Proper hydration is very important for your health, especially in summers. With gorging heat, your body may often get dehy.
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