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Dr Varsha Ashish Dahane is a Dentist and Dietician by profession. Possessing high moral values and the determination to work for the greater good in the Society, she embarked upon her journey to enhance lives.


Dentist and Dietician, Dr Varsha Dahane took her special training from India’s leading nutrition and exercise science expert, Rujuta Diwekar. It’s been a Fantastic journey for her as a practicing dietician and a weight loss expert and a metabolic trainer.

She exclaimed. "I run an obesity clinic in my city. Warud district in Amravati. It was not easy for me to practice weight loss training and consultation in such a small town where people significally lacked awareness about the hazards of obesity almost ten years ago.

She added, "I decided to change the mindset of the people and indicate a sense of awareness in them. I promoted and advocated obesity and its treatment in my town through various means of communication. I used seminar paper inserts, billboards and specially did awareness seminar in rural areas nearby. I must comment that teaching new ideas in the hinterlands is a challenging task in the beginnings, but gradually things changed for the good".

People started getting aware about the benefits from her treatment Dr Varsha strongly believes that home cooked food has got the right super power to deal with obesity and help people extensively who are struggling to shed that extra flab in a short span of time.


Explaining her diet plan, she said, “I allowed my patients to eat Rice, Ghee, and Banana etc. Which are considered to be banned food products when to comes to weight loss. I customized plans for my clients to provide them the right intake of nutrition to suit their body type and lifestyle." Are you looking for Diet Consultant In Nagpur. Contact our Diet Expert today.

She treated a lot of obese patients to give them quick result, thereby enhancing their metabolism and improving their overall health. This also helped them get rid of some minor illness they previously had. They got corrections in their blood, sugar, thyroid, and hormone and cholesterol level. HBA1C, PCOS too along with corrections in their nutritional deficiency- Vita B12, D3, folic acid protein etc.


Dr Varsha gathered a lot of appreciation for her extensive contribution in healthcare throughout her career. Throwing light on her achievements, she said, I have been conferred with Women's Achiever Award, Best Weight Loss Clinic in Maharashtra Award by hands of actress Bipasha Basu, Super Women Award by Big FM, Udyogini Puruskar and have been felicitated many times by Sakhi Manch and have also received Best Weight Loss Clinic by Hands of actress Kishori Shahane.


She added, “My strong passion to create awareness and treatment with regards to obesity pushed me to start my work six months back in Nagpur."

Talking about the switch in her careered Varsha states, “It was a challenging job as a women to shift my profession from Dentist to Dietician and weight loss expert. It was difficult to start from the scratch and expand my clinic from small town to the urban. The marketing part was also a bit tricky and I evolved through experiences."


Speaking about breaking through fences and emerging out stronger, she exclaimed," I feel very blessed to have overcome all the challenges with ease and a smile. I plan to expand my healthy and medically supervised weight loss services all over Vidarbha soon.'

She expresses her gratitude towards, Dr Dahane sir and her daughter for their big support during her highs and lows. She also thanks her sisters who been instrumental in empowering her.

She added, “Thanks to all my staff and almighty who has really blessed me with the vision. To make INDIA free from obesity!!! If you are suffering from Overweight Contact Dr. Dahane’s Clinic which provides  Weight Loss Treatment in Nagpur

Jai Hind!!

Wish you all "Happy International Women's Day" From Dr.Dahane Diet and Weight Loss Clinic

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